Attend a 2 Day Extensive “Coach-the-Coach” workshop

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Pune, August 3rd, 2018: An effective coach is the one that keeps innovating and experimenting with his coaching techniques. With the advent of Digital tools in coaching, the level of coaching has got a notch higher. So what does one do to keep up and ensure he gives something different to his pupils? Harry Alexander & Suhas Talwar, two expert Master Coaches will be taking an extensive 2-Day Training & Coaching Workshops to train attendees aspiring to accelerate their Coaching Skills.

Research shows that the average increase in salary of executives with a mentor is 28.8 percent with an average of 65.9 percent increase in bonus. Coach-the-Coach workshop ensures to build result-oriented training eco-system for corporates, entrepreneurs, management, employers, coaches as well as individuals.

If you are an individual looking at creating a parallel stream of income apart from the boring 9 to 5 job or a coach struggling to attract clients, this event is the most ideal destination.