Autorickshaw Unions in Pune and Pimpri Chinchwad to Collaborate for Enhanced Metro Connectivity

Pune Metro
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Pune, 28th January 2024: The Regional Transport Office (RTO) in Pune is set to engage in discussions with autorickshaw unions in Pune and Pimpri Chinchwad to revive the share-a-rick service at Metro stations. Launched six months ago as part of last-mile connectivity, the service faced discontinuation due to a lukewarm response from autorickshaw drivers.

Pune RTO official Sanjiv Bhor expressed the intention to review and improve the share-a-rick service, emphasizing its importance for Metro commuters seeking hassle-free transportation to Metro stations.

With the imminent operation of four additional Metro stations next month on the Ramwadi route, the RTO aims to collaborate with autorickshaw drivers to ensure efficient last-mile connectivity for commuters. RTO officials asserted that there was no logical reason for autorickshaw unions to abstain from participating in the initiative.

However, regular Metro users reported instances of autorickshaw drivers refusing to operate by the meter to Metro stations. Shivajinagar resident Suresh Mehta highlighted the issue, stating that although Maha Metro and RTO have displayed details of the share-a-rick service outside Shivajinagar Metro station, autorickshaw drivers often fail to adhere to the guidelines. The lack of supervision on autorickshaw drivers’ compliance was also raised as a concern.

With more than 30 functional Metro stations on the two Metro routes, the RTO has approved over 100 routes where autorickshaw drivers can participate in the share-a-rick initiative. However, sources from the public transport sector attributed the service’s lack of success to poor awareness among autorickshaw drivers about its benefits.

Pradip Bhalerao, a leader of an autorickshaw union, pointed out the absence of proper infrastructure near Metro stations and on share-a-rick initiative routes. He mentioned that autorickshaw drivers lack confidence in obtaining satisfactory returns under the share-a-rick service.

The impending talks between the RTO and autorickshaw unions aim to address these concerns and rejuvenate the share-a-rick service for the convenience of Metro commuters.