Awestruck! When the ‘Tree of Light’ was launched

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Three youngsters, Anvam Nagpal, 17, R Siddharth, 24,and Anvika Nagpal, 12 came together to create ‘Árbol de la Luz’ (Spanish for Tree of Light) – an esoteric sculpture, unifying the elegance of glass and the brilliance of light. A unique representation of one of nature’s great marvels, created by utilizing used glass bottles and different lights and other materials. Who knew recycling could be so much fun?

Àrbol de la Luz was unveiled in all it’s glory at an intimate but dazzling ceremony on Saturday, 30thSep ’17. The triumph of light (over darkness) blended perfectly with the festival of Dussera, and it’s enduring theme of the victory of good over evil

Padma Bhushan, Dr. S.B. Mujumdar, Founder and President of Symbiosis Group of Institutes, did the honour of unveiling and was effusive in his praise, fascinated at how the youngsters had managed to meticulously craft something so towering and impressive. “I was told you have to see it to believe it”, he told the audience, smiling, “and I have to agree, that it’s true”, complimenting the youthful artists. He felt that the “Elegance of glass and the brilliance of light” was an apt descriptor of the sculpture.

Audience reactions, especially from the other youngsters present at the event, went a step ahead in their praise. Guests were especially curious about the details behind the tree, marveling that it took five months for the nine feet tall structure, weighing over a tonne, incorporating over a 100 bottles, 250 lights, to come to life. The symbolic fruits, each delightfully wrapped in strands of light, attracted the most attention.

“It is exquisitely crafted”, “The tree itself is a treat to the eyes and I am extremely happy for Anvam, Anvika and Siddharth”, are some of the compliments showered on them.

The broader context also struck a chord with the environmentally aware younger lot. “It is a representation of the need for recycling and how aware our young generation is of this fact. The tree, made from glass bottles and intertwined with various lights, is an essence of nature we are trying hard to bring back”, said one.

“A bright event literally and figuratively portraying today’s eco-friendly world in one structure”, remarked another.

It was left to another student to sum it up perfectly

“The tree stood for strength and integrity, emanating beams of light that radiated nothing but positivity and hope around it.”, she said. “ It was fascinating how something so powerful, profound and beautiful can be displayed through something so simple like a bottle !”

The memorable evening concluded with a sizzling musical performance by Anvam (violin) and Anvika (keyboard and vocals).