Bangalore & Pune record the highest number of requests/searches for solar products

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India, July 8th, 2019: A study undertaken by Sulekha, India’s leading tech-AI platform for expert services has shown a significant shift in the buying pattern of solar products that is benefiting Indian consumers. This study is based on visits and searches by nearly 25,000 consumers that landed on Sulekha in the month of May 2019, across cities.

Key findings of the study:

The overall increase in searches for solar products is 80% over similar period last year.

Bangalore and Pune lead the way in searching for solar products. These cities alone have raised 6,000+ service request in the last month. This is an increase of 305% over similar period of last year

Other cities where traction of solar products is visible are Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi & Kolkata

Solar products include, Solar Water Heater, Solar Panels, Rooftop Solar System, Solar Lightings and Lanterns, Solar Cooker & Solar Inverter

Brands like V guard, TATA, Haier, Honeywell seem to be the customer preferences. There is an increase in search volumes for solar products from these brands

Solar water heater is the most searched productamong the bouquet of solar offering. The solar heater alone had 7,000+ searches

In the last one year 100+ new service providers have registered on Sulekha to sell solar products

Satya Prabhakar, CEO and founder of Sulekha said,“More and more consumers from different parts of the country are showing active interest in adding solar products to their home. Consumers connecting with 3-4 service providers is even more helpful in a category like this because not many of them will have an in-depth understanding and knowledge of using solar products at home. Consumers requesting for solar products on Sulekha gets 3-4 quotes within a day along with reviews and ratings of the service providers which helps them make an informed decision.”

Sulekha will share interesting insights on multiple Home, Office and Education related services as a part of a regular Trend Tracker.