Banish the Sunburn festival not only from Pune but from Bharat

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Pune : It is reported that the so-called Sunburn festival, which has a history of evading taxes, promoting westernized perversions, promoting drug abuse and which was staged in Pune last year in spite of the strong opposition by the villagers as well as the culture lovers is proposed to be staged again this year in Moshi Pradhikaran in Pimpri-chinchvad municipal area. It is also observed that the tickets for the above are being sold already and indications are there that even this year it will be staged in the cultural capital of Maharashtra, namely, Pune. Maharashtra Gover should not have rolled out a red carpet for this so-called festival ostensibly under the pretext of “promoting tourism” in view of the fact that the organizers of the same had evaded tax in Goa for several years (inviting ban from Goa government). Sunburn has a history of large-scale drug abuse. The anti-drug squad of the Goa government had caught many participants consuming Hukkah and Chilim. They had also found many participants consuming drugs in the make-shift toilet constructed at the festival site. In 2009, a certain Ms Neha Bahuguna had died in Sunburn festival due to drug overdose. In 2013, 450 bottles of Ketamin (the “date-rape-drug”) had been seized from the festival site.

Last year, the organizers had indulged in illegal digging and tree-felling without necessary permissions in Kesnand village. They had also employed to browbeat the villagers. They had also violated the anti-liqour resolution passed by the gram-sabha. On the one hand the government never fails to highlight that India is a country of the youth but ends up allowing such enterprises which push the youth towards drugs and other perversions. The villagers of Moi, Kuruli, Chimbli and Kelgaon have passed a resolution calling for banishing Sunburn from Moshi.
In view of the above, the Hindutwavadi organizations have demanded that the proposed Sunburn festival which can result in way-laying of many youth thereby devastating their families should not be permitted failing which they will take to the streets. They have also demanded that the festival should be banished not only from Alandi – Dehu, Pune but also from Bharat.

It can be recalled that a couple of years ago a rev-party had been organized at the base of Sinhagad fort exposing a network of drug dealers among the highbrow society of Pune. In view of the above, it is an insult to this city that the government is promoting such festivals instead of cracking down on these networks. We, therefore, demand that the government pay heed to the feelings of the villagers and culture loving organizations and ban the festival. If the government chooses to ignore this appeal resulting in public outrage and anger then the government will have to take the responsibility for the same.