Be amazed with Nicolai Friedrich – the magician of the new generation!

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Pune, 27th October 2015 : The best mentalist of the world, Nicolai Friedrick is back to woo Punekars. Organised by AGP World, his upcoming show titled as ‘The Great Mentalist Tour with the master of illusion – Nicolai Friedrich’ will be held on Sunday, 1st November at 7.00pm at Nehru Memorial Hall in the city.

‘Nicolai Friedrich’, who captivates his audience by his outstanding brilliance, charm and comedic talent is a new generation magician. His success lies not only with his technical equipment, but with an unparalleled and remarkable stage presence that amazes the audience.

A certified lawyer by profession, Nicolai Friedrick is a German Mentalist who has performed all over the world for the likes of Audi, Amex, BMW, Canon, Daimler Chrysler, Deutsche bank and Lufthansa and has enchanted celebrities like Michael Schumacher, Bryan Adams, Mika Hakkinen and Veronica Ferres among others. He is a winner of several awards and has been the Best Performer in the category ‘Mental Magic’ at the ‘FISM World Championship of Magic in Beijing’ and ‘Artist Allstars Award 2010’. Nicolai considers himself a magician, a conjurer and mentalist and is able to get through to the audience at an emotional level.

This German Mentalist has charmed the audience worldwide with his trickery. He has created illusions like no one else. He can bend a spoon with a stare and produce a suitcase full of currency notes. The man who reads minds, makes magic and burns the stage with his remarkable presence is all set to enchant Punekars now.

The tickets of this show are available on or you can call at 8421311666 or visit the ticket counter of Nehru Memorial Hall.