Benefits of a Loan Against Property Offered by Bajaj Housing Finance Limited

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21 June 2019, Pune, Maharashtra, India:

There are many such events in life for which you need financing. Now be it from funding your child’s education, to managing your wedding expenses or even the unforeseen medical bills. And a Loan Against Property from Bajaj Housing Finance Limited enables you to do it all.

We offer a customised Loan Against Property to salaried and self-employed individuals. So, when looking for a Loan Against Property to fund high-value purchases, applying to a leading NBFC like Bajaj Housing Finance Limited is a good decision.

Here are the benefits that Bajaj Housing Finance Limited’s (BHFL’s) Loan Against Property offers:

High sanction addresses a range of needs
This loan offers salaried applicants up to Rs.1 crore and self-employed customers up to Rs.3.5 crore at a competitive interest rate, within 4 days. This makes it an affordable solution for varied needs. Customers can use it to buy a home or office, business use, working capital use too, pay for overseas education or a destination wedding.

Flexible tenor makes repayment convenient
Apart from a high-value loan, Bajaj Housing Finance Limited offers a tenor ranging from 15 – 18 years (Salaried, doctors, CA profile – Up to 18 years & Businessman profile – Up to 14 years), based on their customer profile, to repay the loan at a comfortable pace. To ascertain the right tenor, customers can use the EMI calculator and forecast monthly payments. Foreclosure is charged in pre-payment if loan type is corporate.

Flexi Dropline facility ensures ease at every step
To give customers greater flexibility, Bajaj Housing Finance Limited offers a Flexi Dropline facility. This allows multiple withdrawals from the sanctioned limit as and when the need arises, and interest is payable only on the amount utilised.

Fastest disbursal
With high loan amount of Rs. 3.5 crore and disbursal in just 4 days, Bajaj Housing Finance Limited offers the fastest disbursal on loan against property in the country.

Top-up loan provides additional finance
To make the loan as customer-friendly as possible, Bajaj Housing Finance Limited also offers a high-value top-up loan at an affordable interest rate. Since it carries no usage restrictions, it helps customers meet any need that may crop up while they’re repaying their loan against property.

All these features make BHFL’s Loan Against Property an excellent financial solution for a range of needs. Moreover, customers can check pre-approved offers and apply using tailor-made deals to access financing even faster.