Benefits of Jewelry on Different Parts of the Body

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29 April 2019 : In India and most of the Asian countries, there is a specific way of dressing or accessorizing embedded into the culture. These specifics not only define the area of the body but also the shapes, sizes, and materials to be used. If you are well versed with acupuncture or the meaning of pressure points, it’s easy to understand the logic behind the needs of cultural enforcement of accessory or dress code. These, directly and indirectly, cause healthy benefits to the wearer and these benefits are amazing.

Dress code

Throughout India or different regions of the world, you find different styles of dressing. Now denim has become a universal code and the regional clothing opts only during festivity or special occasions. This specific dress code of a region is completely designed based on the climatic condition or raw material availability in making the product.


This is a huge subject, the initial reasons for accessories was mainly to show superiority but slowly as we evolved our understanding on the impact of different material on the body is well understood and designed the placement of accessories in such a way they regular usage, in turn, provides health benefits to the wearer.

Nose ring

The nose ring is the most common accessories worn by the Indian women and parts of other Asian countries. The health benefits of wearing a nose ring are

It helps in controlling emotions, hard to accept but the truth. The nose is one of the six sensory organs not only for breathing and differentiating orders, but it also controls various emotions such as passion, romance, and sexual desires. Women wearing nose rings have strong control over their emotions, it’s proven that it’s hard to hypnotize or mesmerize women wearing nose pins.
Alleviates pain, the point where the nose ring is pierced is the pressure point which helps in reducing the delivery pain and this is one of the major reason in many religions nose piercing is done as a custom on the women who are about to get married.
Feeling bored with regular designs check for nose rings online, the online market offered a huge variety.


This is another common accessory from a young age every woman wore and men wore the same if a different version. The wrist is the most constant and active part of the body and the pulse beat at this part is the once, check for any ailments, and the bangles are worn on this area where the movement causes constant friction and that helps is blood circulation levels. Due to the circular shape of the bangles and as we use mostly metal bangles the electricity produced by the body is reverted back to the body in circles.

There are different body parts ear piercing, toe rings, anklets, waistband each every part we accessories had an acupressure point which alleviates the health benefits of certain parts and their functionality. Not just the places different materials give different benefits gold and silver are most commonly used along with metal gemstone such as diamonds, pearls, etc also has different effects. There are definitely innumerable benefits in wearing accessories and gold and diamond jewelry. For design options, search for gold, silver or diamond jewelry online.