Best home cooked food in Deccan area

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By Husein K Chunawala

Pune:  “I’m tough, I’m ambitious, and I know exactly what I want if that makes me a successful person.”

This is the story of a woman who is serving the delicious food to the people in Pune for the last 35 years. She offers pulaav, roti-sabzi etc for Rs 40 per plate. Buttermilk (taak) is a hit among foodies.

Jayabai Dhawade (67) has been running the business called “Shri Snacks Centre” since 1981 and she is still going on with the same pace like when she started for the first time at her home.

Jayabai started her business when she was 32 years old with her family members and some workers.

As time passed she worked hard to achieve a good grip in her business and gradually she brought up the business. She started a mess at her house.

People of every persuasion love to eat her home cooked food and she doesn’t need to promote her business because people spread the word about the quality of her food.

People who prefer homemade food throng to her stall in lane no. 8 of Bhandarkar Road in Deccan Gymkhana area. Students and office goers are her main customers.

 She says one thing that will click anyone’s mind that “We can do anything that men can do, But men should be saying, We can do anything that women can do”.

 Jayabai’s hard work speaks everything because no one knows that she wakes up at 3 am in the morning to prepare everything that is required for the day to run her business.

After 22 years she started a small handcart which will help her earn a little extra to make a better living in this expensive world. She parks her handcart at such a location where it’s very convenient for her customers to come to, and helps them connect with friends and colleagues.

Jayabai says, “Now I don’t do it for money. I want to see my customers satisfied and happy after eating food here. Therefore I have priced the foods pocket friendly which can be afforded by a high school student also.”

(Husein K Chunawala is a student of Indira School of Communication)