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23 DEC 2018 : The Most Desirable Man Bhumanyu and the hottest VJ Benafsha will be seen sizzling together on “THE ILLUSIONER”calendar. The chemistry between the two is setting fire and we are sure that once the calendar releases it will become the talk of the town.
The industry and fans are developing major fondness towards the hottest male property of India, Bhumanyu. A supermodel and one of the top finalists of Mr. India 2015, in just four years of his modelling career, Bhumanyu has been enjoying his share of female attention too.
Benafsha who rose to fame post her stint in Bigg Boss, has been in the news off late. A successful VJ & Model Benafsha will be seen alot in 2019. Social media star, apart from work Benafsha loves to travel & explore places while maintain her fitness which also happens to be one of her passions. 
On the other hand she was seemingly impressed with Bhumanyu’s work on the calendar shoot and the sizzling chemistry between the two will be seen in the calendar. According to our sources both of them looked very comfortable giving cosy poses because of which shoot was a huge success.
Rich chivalrous men with their fantasy girls is the theme for which Benn & Bhumanyu have posed together and we can’t keep calm until we see it for ourselves. Until then we’d like to know with whom she will look good with according to you, Bhumanyu or Priyank Sharma?