Big Bazaar Drops Prices of 1,500 Everyday Items

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With the ‘Har Din Lowest Price’ Promise

· Rs. 2000 crore of Additional Savings for Indian Consumers

· 6% to 36% Lowest Prices on Products across All Categories

Pune 4th April 2018: Big Bazaar today announced the price drops for over 1,500 everyday-use products. Its customers will benefit from these lowest prices all year round, as these will be a permanent feature as part of its newly launched program, ‘Har Din Lowest Price’ proposition.

Everyday-use items – such as ghee, sugar, edible oil, detergent powders, toilet cleaners, soaps, shampoos, toothpaste, noodles, health drinks, tea, coffee, biscuits, sauces, among many other items – will now be available at the lowest prices across all Big Bazaar stores inmore than 140 cities.The new prices will put money back into customers’ pockets and will make daily essentials cheaper and more affordable.

The country’s most trusted reailer1 Big Bazaar estimates that more than six crore households will benefit from this initiative. Big Bazaar will be offering 6% to 36% discounting offer on 1500 everyday-use products across all categories. Thisprogram will potentially result in additional savings of close to Rs.2000 crore for Indian consumers.The commitment to ‘Har Din Lowest Price’ is consistent with Big Bazaar’s strategy of making its stores the retail destination of choice for every section of customers.

“With our comitment of ‘Har Din Lowest Price’ our customers can now shop at our stores with the confidence that they will get the lowest prices possible for their everyday-use products,” said Mr. Sumit Ranjan, Market Manager, Big Bazaar, Pune. “We believe this move will help us give ‘more’ to our customers for‘less’. This will also bring in a new set of customers to our stores and help us attract existing customers more often.”

Big Bazaar has grown at a steady pace with 280 stores operational across the country. In addition, Future Group has in the past few years acquired chains such as Easyday, HyperCity, Heritage Fresh, Nilgiris, amongst others and has increased the scale andsize of its sourcing and merchandising base. The consolidation and expansion of this business has helped the retailer achieve the requisite economies of scale that is resulting in lower prices for a wide range of everyday products.