Big Boss Marathi: Smita Gondkar’s steps towards the Finale

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Colors Marathi’s Big Boss is all set to wrap up Season One with a Grand Finale soon. Few weeks back, contestants from diverse backgrounds, each having a different persona came together with one motive, to win hearts and the show as well. It was a fantastic season with so much to witness as every episode had its share of fights, emotions, love, friendship, and a lot more. Smita Gondkar has been a very strong player throughout the journey. She entered the house with an extremely optimistic mindset and it has proved to be beneficial for her so far. The one thing that makes her unique & stand-out from others is her transparency. Smita has been very open and clear about her thoughts & it has helped her garner honest fan base through Big Boss.

Initially, she had been mocked for her dressing sense & body shamed for the longest time. In spite of the misery, she has always stood high and fought the haters with subtle actions and her humble approach to everything. Smita has always been kind to her fellow contestants and it has helped her to bond with some of them over the course of time. When it came to performing tasks, she left no stone unturned and has participated actively in every task and that has helped her evolve each day. She has a very strong personality & she treats everyone with warmth and love in spite of the differences & quarrels that usually arise out of envy.

Smita was always in the news for her style statement. She has been so far the best dressed contestant of the Big Boss House. It is extremely important to be able to carry outfits with grace and confidence and she has it all. She is extremely confident about herself and it reflects into her style more than anything. As they say, a beautiful interior reflects on the exterior, she is setting a perfect example for this.

So far, it has been a treat to watch the journey of all the contestants in Big Boss Marathi. As the journey is about to end, it’s a proud moment for Smita’s fans and family to see her reach the finale. She has paved her way through a lot to reach this point. It is just going to get more and more exciting as we approach the finale soon.