Big Or Small Brands Needs ORM Now

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Pune, 13 July 2021 :-  Big or small brands need ORM nowadays. As affordable internet and growth in smartphone users have created new marketing platforms where online reputation is very important for sales, says leading online strategist Mr. Sanish Bhaskaran of


Sanish Bhaskaran added that just a few years ago Indian companies used to build their online presence as a minor part of their marketing policy. But this situation has changed since India entered the smartphone age. With more than 500 million people using the internet through their smartphone the internet usages/ social media interaction has gone up. Nowadays people make their decision about a company, organization or for that matter any socially important figure by looking at their online persona. They visit the big or small brands on their website, social media profile, discussion groups, or social media feedback for making their decision. Any online negative vibe can damage the image of the company or person. Which might lead to loss in the bottom-line.


As per one research regarding Online Reputation Management(ORM) more than ninety five percent people search online to learn about the company they are planning to buy goods or services from. Also the same research showed that more than sixty percent of customers did not buy or used the services of the company who had negative online feedback from customers informed Mr. Bhaskaran