Bird Flu Virus: Increased Threat in America, remnants of bird flu virus found in pasteurized milk; samples sent for testing

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New Delhi, 24th April 2024: In several states of the United States of America, dairy cows have been found to carry the H5N1 strain of bird flu for the first time. It has spread to nearly eight states. Meanwhile, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) claimed on Tuesday that remnants of the bird flu virus have been found in some samples of pasteurized milk in America. Although the milk is safe for consumption, awaiting test results to confirm its safety.

– The FDA stated that there is no risk to consumers from the remnants of the virus found in milk.
– The FDA said that pasteurized milk kills harmful bacteria and viruses by heating it to a specific temperature for a specific duration.
– The FDA and the Department of Agriculture also stated that the U.S. milk supply is safe due to the use of milk from healthy cows.
– Positive samples are not an immediate cause for concern for humans.
– There are indications that the outbreak of bird flu among dairy cows may continue.

According to USDA data, cases of bird flu have been found in domestic animals in Idaho, New Mexico, Texas, South Dakota, Kansas, Michigan, Ohio and North Carolina. The FDA is assessing positive results for bird flu through vaccination tests on eggs. Conclusions on commercial milk and bird flu at various stages will be published in the coming days or weeks.

So far, there is no evidence of human-to-human transmission of bird flu, but WHO’s chief scientist, Dr. Jeremy Farrar, said last week that the risk of bird flu spreading from humans to humans is increasing. WHO reported information on 888 human cases of bird flu infection between January 2003 and March 28, 2024, of which 52% were fatal.