Breathless Pune: Panel Discussion Highlights Crucial Insights on Air Quality in the City

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Pune, 22nd January 2024: As part of the Breathless Pune photo exhibition organized by the Pune Air Action Hub, a panel discussion featuring diverse experts was held on January 21, 2024, at the Kalachhaya Cultural Centre, Patrakar Nagar.

Dr. Aparna Birajdar, a pulmonologist, facilitated the discussion, shedding light on the health impacts of air pollution. Other panelists included Mr. Sanjay Deshpande, Founder of Sanjeevani Group (Building and Construction), Mr. Mangesh Dighe, Environment Officer at PMC, and Chaitrali Chandorkar, Principal Correspondent – Environment at Maharashtra Times.

Chaitrali Chandorkar discussed the challenges of reporting on air pollution, emphasizing the need for timely data and simplified communication for the public. She commended the awareness and responsiveness of Pune citizens to such issues, noting a rise in environmental and air pollution-related news.

Sanjay Deshpande addressed how construction practices could contribute to pollution reduction and improve workers’ conditions. Advocating for green buildings, he urged citizen awareness, stating that builders respond to public demand. Deshpande emphasized the impact of air pollution on the livability of cities and its potential consequences for real estate.

Mangesh Dighe outlined PMC’s efforts in pollution reduction, including the Pune Air Action Plan mandated by the National Clean Air Programme. The discussion included citizen questions, spanning topics from the recall of the public bicycle system to the role of the environment department in air pollution mitigation decisions.

The Breathless Pune photo exhibition, held at the Darpan Art Gallery, Kalachhaya Cultural Centre from January 18-22, aimed to raise awareness about air pollution, with the Pune Air Action Hub inviting diverse groups to visit and engage during the five-day period.