Burqa Prices Rise As The Horror Of The Taliban Continues to Grow

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New Delhi, 19th August 2021: Taliban has recaptured power in Afghanistan with a promise to bring about a new era of peace. But what the fighters have brought with them to the people of Afghanistan are horrifying memories of their brutal rule that transports people back to their old times.

Women are most afraid of the Taliban’s return. They feel that the rights they got in the past years will be taken away from them. This fear created among women can be gauged from the rising prices of burqa in Afghanistan.

Under the Taliban regime, women are required to wear a burqa. Now that the Taliban is back, women are running to the shops to buy the burqa. Burqa prices have gone up 10 times in Afghanistan. During the earlier Taliban regime, women were required to cover their bodies and faces in a burqa, and were forbidden to attend school and work. There was also a ban on leaving the house without his male relative.

With the return of the Taliban, women have resumed wearing burqa, due to which the price of burqa in Kabul has skyrocketed.

A CNN report quoted a woman from Kabul as saying that she has a couple of burqas in her house that she herself, her sister and her mother wear.

“If we don’t have a burqa, we’ll have to get a bedsheet or something to make it a bigger scarf,” she says.