Buxar News: A government teacher invited a youth home on the day of Holi and committed murder, officials shocked by the reason that came to light.

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Buxar, 1st April 2024: In a private residence on Station Road in Buxar, a government teacher invited his own friend and then murdered him. The deceased had come to the teacher’s house to demand his share of the promised one and a half lakh rupees for a job at the time of the incident. Under the pretext of a liquor party, the teacher attacked the deceased with an iron rod, resulting in his death. Medical professionals declared him dead upon arrival at the hospital. Upon receiving information about the incident, the accused teacher was arrested and is currently being interrogated by the police. According to the information received, the arrested teacher Dwarka Pandey resides in a house located near the DV School on Station Road. He is the brother of the renowned social worker and businessman Mithilesh Pandey in the city. Both brothers live in the same place. Investigation has revealed that Mahesh Gupta, the 28-year-old son of Dhansoyi resident Vinod Gupta, had given one and a half lakh rupees to the teacher on the assurance of arranging a job a few months ago. Due to the work not being done, they were demanding the return of their money. On Tuesday, on the day of Holi, they went to the teacher’s place again to get the money. During this time, around 9:30 PM, an argument ensued between the two and the teacher attacked the youth with an iron rod on his head.

As soon as the information about the incident was received, the family members of the injured youth immediately took him to the hospital. However, the injured youth had already succumbed to his injuries before reaching the hospital. Dr. AK Singh, the hospital director, stated that the injured youth had died before reaching the hospital. The younger brother of the accused teacher, Mithilesh, informed that he himself had informed the police about the incident.

Police Superintendent Manish Kumar stated that in a previous dispute, the accused teacher had murdered an acquaintance from Dhansoyi. After the incident, the accused is being interrogated after being taken into custody. Meanwhile, chaos has gripped the family of the deceased since the information about the incident emerged late at night. After receiving information about the incident, the deceased’s brother reached Buxar and filed an application at the police station. In this application, Dwarka Pandey, Neha Pandey, Mithilesh Pandey and his wife were named. After receiving the application, the police started investigating the incident. The Station House Officer, Sanjay Kumar Sinha, stated that during the police interrogation, the accused admitted that he had taken lakhs of rupees from several people before. Due to continuous pressure, he was quite troubled. It was amidst this pressure for money that the incident occurred during the altercation.

Highlights –
– A government teacher in Buxar has committed murder by inviting a young man to his home.
– This incident has spread shock and sensation throughout the area.