Cabinet Ministers Advised to Delay Ayodhya Temple Visits Till March

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Ayodhya, 24th January 2024: In today’s Cabinet meeting, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has advised his cabinet members against immediate visits to the Ayodhya Ram Temple. Citing concerns over the substantial influx of visitors and the potential disruption caused by VIP protocols, the PM has advised Union Ministers to defer their trips to Ayodhya.


Government sources reveal that the recommendation aims to prevent inconvenience to the public amidst the temple’s heightened popularity. Prime Minister Modi has proposed a strategic approach, suggesting that Union Ministers plan their visits to Ayodhya in March to mitigate congestion and ensure a smoother experience for both VIPs and the general public.



This directive underscores a pragmatic effort to balance VIP engagements with the preservation of public comfort during religious pilgrimages.