Cancer-free citizens celebrate World Cancer Day in an innovative way

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Pune, 6th February 2023: World Cancer Day is celebrated worldwide on 4th February to create awareness about cancer. Prolife Cancer Centre and Research Institute in Pune celebrated this year in an innovative way. The hospital celebrated the day with more than 100 cancer survivors. The breast cancer Surveyor was the chief guest of the event. Former corporators Srinath Bhimale, Praveen Chorbele, Vasant More were present on this occasion. The program started with Dhanvantari Pooja. MD of Prolife Dr. Neha Shah introduced. Dr. Sumit Shah, Cancer Surgeon, thanked.

Many cancer survivors have shared their journeys; many are better for more than 5 years and some are better for more than 10 years.

Dr. Sumit Shah said that our aim is to provide fair treatment to all cancer patients and bring hope in their lives.

Dr. Reema Menon (Breast Cancer Survivor): “You, Me, and Everyone Can Beat Cancer”

Kusum Kulkarni (breast cancer survivor): Don’t waste time if you get cancer symptoms.

Anant Ghule (Oral Cancer Survivor): Enjoying a cancer-free life is a rebirth

Sachin Nalavde (10-year oral cancer survivor): Life is beautiful I need to listen to my body.