Car AC Tips: Avoid These Mistakes to Prevent Life-Threatening Risks

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Pune, 19th June 2024: With severe heat waves sweeping across India, many people rely on their car air conditioning (AC) to stay cool during travel. While the AC offers relief, it also poses significant risks if used improperly. Negligence while running the car AC can lead to life-threatening situations. Here’s what you need to know to ensure safe use of your car AC this summer.

During summer travels, the car AC is a savior, providing comfort on long journeys for both drivers and passengers. Many people even sleep in their cars with the AC running, unaware of the potential dangers. Prolonged use of the car AC without proper precautions can lead to the accumulation of harmful gases, posing serious health risks.

Running the car AC for extended periods can cause outside gases, including carbon dioxide exhaled by occupants and carbon monoxide emitted by the engine, to fill the cabin. As these gases accumulate, they can lead to paralysis or even suffocation, especially if occupants are asleep and unaware of the danger. The risk increases the longer the AC runs without proper ventilation.

To stay safe, it’s crucial never to sleep in the car with the AC running. If you must, ensure the car windows are slightly open to allow fresh air to enter and maintain proper ventilation. Alternatively, turn off the AC’s recirculation mode to ensure the inside air flows out continuously. These precautions can prevent the buildup of dangerous gases and reduce the risk of harm.

Regular maintenance of both the car and the AC system is essential. Ensuring timely servicing minimizes the chance of harmful gases leaking into the cabin, making your car journeys safer.

By following these tips, you can use your car AC safely and enjoy a more comfortable travel experience during the intense summer heat. Remember, a little caution can go a long way in preventing life-threatening situations.