Cataract Surgery: Finding Best Eye Care Solutions

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Pune, 23rd January 2023: Cataract, commonly called Motiya Bindu, is predominantly a disease of old age. With passing age, the normal lens in the eye loses its transparency and becomes opaque. Cataract mainly causes blurriness of vision. Once diagnosed with a cataract, your ophthalmologist needs to monitor your vision regularly. Depending on the severity of your vision loss, you may be able to delay a cataract surgery for a while, but eventually, surgery may be inevitable, and your eye doctor will advise you to go for cataract surgery.
In today’s era of modern technology, cataract surgery is aimed at achieving not only a spectacle-free vision but also superior visual quality. Cataract surgery is a painless procedure which is done as a daycare procedure and does not require injection, eye pad or eye shield. By using eye drops as a mode of anaesthesia, Micro-incision Cataract surgery allows cataract removal and lens implantation through a very small incision which doesn’t require any stitches. It is covered by most insurance companies.
Depending upon the patient and their needs, suitable lenses are advised to patients. Monofocal lenses correct vision for distance only while multifocal lenses correct for distance, intermediate and near vision also. In addition, toric lenses are offered to those patients with astigmatism (cylindrical number).
With the combination of clinical expertise and the latest technology, cataract surgery has become more precise, with better outcomes.
Best Eye care facilities and Best Cataract Surgery treatments are offered at the heart of Pune City:

Dr Mukesh J Paryani
Neo vision eye care and laser centre
Wanowrie, Pune