Catch Me If You Can – Vivek Desai a.k.a Vektor

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Magic, Illusion, Mentalism, yes all this does exist! No, no, no we are not talking about walking on water or floating in the air, but some serious magic which can leave you speechless.
Hailing from Las Vegas, USA this Indian Illusionist and Mentalist has a big bag of tricks to surprise you every time. Vektor has consulted top magicians of today like Dynamo, Chris Angel and David Blaine and is now in Mumbai and Pune to get along with you. Began learning the in and out of magic since the age of 10. Through learning from the top names of those time like P.C Sorcar and getting acquainted with mentalism, Vektor became unstoppable.
Till date, he has entertained thousands with his unique fusion of mentalism and stand-up comedy on stage at some of the most well-known locations in the world. If you want to see him perform, you can easily find him at The Classic Rock Coffee Co., Kalyani Nagar, Pune. When asked about the reactions he receives in India compared to the USA, he says, “In Las Vegas, magic is as common as DJ-ing, hence the influence is pretty obvious. However, I never really had any particular mentor,” he says.
Further he adds, “If Indian magicians put up a good act which includes modern tricks similar to that of Western magicians, the audience will enjoy more. Magic is not about nationality but more about the personality of the performer.”
Mentalist is a magician who performs feats that apparently demonstrate extraordinary mental powers, such as mind-reading. “Indian magicians also need to incorporate more realism in their tricks. Doing a similar kind of trick over and over again does not allure the public anymore,”  Vektor said.
Recently, with Red FM he performed for Sunny Leone, Himesh Reshammiya and Lulia Vantur and their reactions just speak everything! This man is not is passionate about magic but also a lecturer and is often invited for TED Ex talks.