CBSE Introduces Bi-Annual Board Exams, Students Now Have the Option to Take Exams Twice Annually

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New Delhi, 21st January 2024: In a significant departure from the conventional board examination system, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has ushered in a groundbreaking change for students. Starting with the upcoming 10th and 12th-grade exams, scheduled to commence on February 15, 2024, students now have the unique opportunity to take their board exams twice annually. This transformative approach is expected to provide flexibility and reduce the academic burden on students.

While the specific exam dates for the second round of exams remain uncertain, the possibility of conducting exams in November-December alongside the traditional February-March schedule has been suggested. However, no official confirmation has been provided regarding the additional exam dates.

Traditionally, board exams, including CBSE, have been conducted once a year in February-March. The new system, aligned with the latest education policy, mandates bi-annual board examinations. The Ministry of Education aims to ease the pressure on students by allowing them to appear in exams twice. Importantly, only the best score obtained in either attempt will contribute to the student’s final results.

The CBSE board advises students to stay updated on the latest developments by checking the official website at []( While the release date for the admit cards remains undisclosed, students are encouraged to regularly check the official portal for timely updates and announcements.