Celebrate the most sacred bond of love with ORRA!

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Mumbai, 21st June, 2018: A sacred symbol of your timeless love, a bond so strong where words fall short to describe its endless beauty. Presenting a countless ways to show your love, ORRA launches its versatile new range of diamond mangalsutras in the form of a 3-in-1 tanmaniya, hand mangalsutra and a detachable diamond mangalsutra-necklace. With three unique ways to wear this symbol of love, ORRA’s diamond mangalsutra collection, is an ode to the contemporary Indian woman who defines her style, her way.

Commenting on the launch of the collection, Mr. Vijay Jain (CEO and Director – ORRA) says, “The mangalsutra is perhaps the most sacred jewellery that a woman owns. The focus is on making the mangalsutra contemporary while retaining its traditional essence. We have therefore launched versatile new pieces in the form of detachables and hand mangalsutras.”

The design innovation lets you create unique looks for the price of one. The 3-in-1 tanmaniya allows you to style three different looks made possible with its unique detachable functionality and floral inspired pendants. To create three stylish looks, move from wearing only the tanmaniya to a combination of the pendant and tanmaniya or simply pair just the stylish diamond pendant with a gold chain.

But why stop at just the pendant? The collection’s detachable diamond studded mangalsutra necklaces allows you to convert the conventional mangalsutra look into a dazzling diamond necklace adorned with the tanmaniya.

Combining flexibility in style and ease in adornment, the collection also introduces a gorgeous new range of hand mangalsutras. With classic diamond thaali designs these can also be worn as a conventional mangalsutra around the neck. Lightweight and designed for everyday love, choose to flaunt these the way you want.

Styled to perfection at an intriguing price of Rs. 30,000/- onwards, ORRA’s mangalsutra collection is now in stores for you to enjoy. With a dedicated counter for Mangalsutras at every store, we look forward to dazzling you with the choicest of collections! Visit any of our stores in Mumbai at over 30 locations across the country or log onto www.orra.co.in today!