Central Railway Elevates Speeds to 130 kmph: 30 Trains, 2 from Pune, on Wardha-Badnera Route

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Pune, 22nd November 2023: Central Railway has been consistent in its efforts to provide better services to its passengers. Infrastructure upgrades are being carried out on several sections in order to increase the speed of trains. These include Multi-Tracking (laying of multiple tracks in a section), Over Head Equipment regulation, Signaling works and other Technical works. These works have enabled CR to run trains on these sections at a speed of up to 130 kmph.

30 trains (15 Up and 15 Down) will run at the speed of up to 130 kmph on the Wardha-Badnera section of 95.44 km with effect from today 22.11.2023.

The details are as under:

1. 12811/12812 LTT-Hatia-LTT SF Bi-Weekly Exp
2. 22848/22849 LTT-Vishakhapatnam-LTT SF Weekly Exp
3. 22865/22866 LTT-Puri-LTT SF Weekly Exp
4. 12879/12880 LTT-Bhubaneswar-LTT Bi-Weekly Exp
5. 12859/12860 CSMT-Howrah-CSMT Gitanjali Exp Daily
6. 12869/12870 CSMT-Howrah-CSMT Weekly SF Exp
7. 20821/20822 Pune-Santragachi-Pune Weekly Humsafar Exp
8. 22511/22512 LTT-Kamakhya-LTT Karmabhoomi Weekly Exp
9. 12261/12262 CSMT- Howrah -CSMT Duronto Four Days A Week
10. 12105/12106 Gondia-CSMT-Gondia Vidarbha Exp Daily
11. 12289/12290 Nagpur-CSMT-Nagpur Duronto Exp Daily
12. 12101/12102 LTT-Shalimar-LTT Jnaneshwari Exp Four Days a Week
13. 12145/12146 LTT-Puri-LTT Weekly Exp
14. 12809/12810 CSMT-Howrah-CSMT SF Exp Daily
15. 12151/12152 LTT- Shalimar-LTT Samarsata Bi-Weekly Exp

The speeds of these trains have been increased after ensuring all safety aspects and technical inspections by the concerned officials. This will decrease running time of trains and improve overall punctuality of train movements.

Central Railway presently runs trains at the speed of up to 130 kmph covering a total distance of 1206.73 km i.e. 95.44 km on the Wardha-Badnera section, 526.65 km on the Igatpuri-Nashik-Bhusaval-Akola-Badnera section, 75.59 km on the Pune-Daund section and 509.05 km on the Itarsi-Nagpur-Wardha-Ballarshah section.

Work to improve speeds of trains is in progress on the Daund-Solapur-Kalaburagi-Wadi section covering a distance of 337.44 km and trains are likely to run at up to 130 kmph on this section.