Central Railway registers a record earnings of 182.50 crore from ticketless / irregular travelers from April 2019-February 2020.

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14 March 2020, India- Central Railway in its endeavor to provide better services to bonafide rail users and also to curb the ticketless travel, has regularly conducted intensive campaign against ticketless and irregular travel. Senior Officers are closely monitoring the revenue loss due to ticketless travel and such other irregularities.

During the month of February 2020, Central Railway has earned Rs 14.41 crore as against Rs 11.92 crore in February 2019, thereby registering an increase of 20.88%.

The earnings realized from such ticketless/irregular travel registered Rs. 182.50 crore during the period April-2019 to February-2020 as compared to earnings of Rs. 158.93 crore registered during the corresponding period last year showing an increase of 14.83%.


During the month of February-2020, 266 cases of transfer of reserved journey tickets were detected and Rs 1.46 lakh recovered as penalty.