Centre approves improved plastic waste management law

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Pune, 13th March 2021: The Centre has approved a new law for the use of plastic across the country. The new law will be implemented from January 1, 2022. Among many provisions, the centre has modified the provision of ‘Single-use plastic’, use of plastic products in our daily life.
Citizens had to submit the suggestions and objections within 60 days. Since 2016, the law of ban on plastic is implemented in the country, yet the problem has not been solved. Pune generates 8.31 percent of plastic waste which means 166.2 tonnes of plastic.
Experts opined that the improved law will help in curbing the use of plastic furthermore. In 2016, the Ministry of Environment and Water and Air had issued a notification regarding the ban on plastic. Accordingly, various State governments had put a partial or total ban on the use of plastic carry bags and single-use plastic.
SWACH member Harshad Berde mentioned that the new, improved plastic law will help in totally banning plastic in the country.
Ban on these plastic products
Ban on the production, import, and sale of Single-use plastic. It includes Earbuds, balloon sticks, plastic flags, candy sticks, ice-cream sticks, and thermacol.