Chinese Inspirational Quotes About Love

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19 November 2019 – Over the long history of the world, the language has been enriched with a huge number of proverbs, idioms, and popular expressions, including those that came from the artistic works of Chinese writers and poets, and those that came out of folklore tales, the daily lives of ordinary people. For us, in most cases, these quotes and phrases sound strange and unusual when translated, but for the Chinese, they are indispensable, like air, and it is not surprising that they actively use these quotes both in speech and in writing. 

Of course, it is almost impossible to deduce the meaning of a proverb or a popular quote just by using Google translator because most of the Chinese stable quotes and proverbs have small or large stories behind them, without knowing which, all the beauty and meaning of a phrase are lost. In addition, Chinese quotes sound reasonable in their native tongue, but when translated, even by the best professionals out there, lose their value and sound odd. 

However, there is still a lot of meaning to them. Therefore, today we will present to you a large selection of Chinese proverbs and quotes about loveWe hope that you will enjoy them and, which is the most important part, get something away from them that will help you in your life. We also hope that this material will help you in your research, that it will broaden your horizons or arouse interest in a more detailed study of the Chinese culture. 

– “Love is not in possession but in respect. 

– “If you love the house, love the ravens on its roof.” (Sounds exactly like “Love me  love my dog,” isn’t it?). This phrase is about the importance of spreading one’s love for one person to their whole environment. 

– “If two people unite, they can move Mount Taishan. 

– “Flowers may bloom again, but a person will never have the opportunity to become young again. Don’t waste your time. 

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– “The sound of a sandstorm reached the highest branches, and this made my heart tremble. That means I miss the one I left behind. The desire to love someone again makes my heart beat. I dream. I’m sad. My love is strong, and I have felt it for a long time. We sleep, rest, and relax to get away from all the stress and pain, but with pain come dreams and ambitions. I strive for new things and dream of new things. But …  I still love you. I enjoyed every moment. We broke up. I was grateful. Since you left me, I was able to learn to love myself more. 

– “It is impossible to find the perfect man, as it is impossible to find 100percent pure gold. 

– “I wish us a long life to share the beauty of this graceful moonlight, even thousands of miles apart. 

– “A person is not judged by appearance. The sea is not measured with spoons. 

– “Even those who are distant from each other are destined to meet again. This proverb says that (according to the Chinese) human relations are determined by fate. 

– “If you think you know what love is, you don’t know it. 


– “You came into my life, not how they come to visit (you know, “without taking off your hat”) but how they come to the kingdom where all the rivers are waiting for your reflection, all the roads are there for you. How can I get away from you, my fairy tale, my sun? You see, if I would love you less, then I would have to leave youAnd I cannot live without you. I would rather die than be without you. And so it just does not make sense. And I do not want to die.” 

– “Love is labor. One has to go through it a few times before they get itIt is taxing. It is sadness. Love is in the overcoming of love itself. This is work. These are difficulties. If you embarked on the path, you have already claimed your right to suffer. You think you chose the road, but the road chooses you. You thought you chose love, but love is not in words. Not at all. Each day will bring a new path for love and reunion. Each path will be a separate sadness, bitterness. You will have to share these feelings with the ones you love. The pain in her heart will be yours. Her sadness will be your sadness. Love will be your torment. 

– “From each love we get something. From one  experience, from the other  a child, from the third  a wave of passions and scandals, from the fourth  a pile of letters, from the fifth  just a few beautiful walks through the woods. From one  years of happiness, from another  months, from one – minutes, from another  years. And that’s all you can get from life. There is no need to wait and demand more. It’s a lottery, and we are all losers in it.