Clarification on Fake News Regarding Conveyance Deed Cancellation

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Adv. Shabnam S Indorewala

Pune, 25th February 2024: Amidst the recent viral WhatsApp post claiming “Conveyance Deed Cancelled,” it is imperative to issue a clarification to prevent misinformation and alleviate unnecessary panic among Cooperative Housing Society (CHS) members. The circulating message lacks authenticity, and there is no substantiating evidence in the form of Government Resolutions (GR), Circulars, Notifications, etc.


Rather than fostering awareness, the incomplete and misleading information has led to confusion among CHS members, highlighting a lack of knowledge and inclination to seek accurate information.


Let’s delve into the essence of Property Cards and the misconceptions surrounding the alleged cancellation of conveyance.


? The original cabinet decision, dating back to August 2019, pertains to the recording of ownership details of individual flats in Property Cards.


? Land records are updated through mutation entries in Property Cards for urban areas or through 7/12 Utara in rural areas, constituting what we commonly refer to as Horizontal Property Records, focusing on land ownership.


? The August 2019 cabinet decision is a groundbreaking initiative aiming to record ownership details of each flat, building, and commercial complex.


? This initiative safeguards financial institutions from fraudulent transactions involving multiple mortgages against the same property.


? The decision ensures that city survey offices in urban areas and collectorate offices in rural areas maintain records of individual flats alongside land records.


? Importantly, the alleged cancellation of conveyance is fake and misleading. The August 2019 decision does not affect the conveyance process.


? Conveyance, a critical step for CHS, is mandated by various acts, including MOFA Act, MCS Act, Model Bye-laws, and RERA Act. The misinformation circulating on the cancellation of conveyance provisions is baseless.


? It is crucial to understand that amendments to multiple acts would be required before any cancellation of conveyance provisions.


? Conveyance or Deemed Conveyance provisions remain intact and have not been canceled.


(Advocate Shabnam S Indorewala (9552191500) of V P Pande & Co, based in Mumbai, Maharashtra, emphasizes the continued necessity for CHS to pursue conveyance, as stipulated in their object clause and supported by various acts.)