CLEARFUNDS makes investing in Direct Mutual Funds ‘FREE’

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Mumbai, 24th April, 2018: Clearfunds, India’s favourite independent Direct Mutual Fund platform, announced today that it would make investing in Direct Mutual Funds free for all investors, while launching its premium Smart Portfolios service.

Founder & CEO of Kunal Bajaj said, “We’ve worked hard on our technology and on automating our processes, enabling us to make investing in Direct Mutual Fund schemes completely free for all investors who join our platform.

“We’ve been aiming for this for some time now, as we believe investing should be easy and accessible to everyone, regardless of wealth or income. Our sophisticated, back-tested algorithm, available to all investors, combs through millions of data points to recommend the best possible mutual funds for your particular goals.

“We’ve simplified the investing process making it convenient to invest from your desk. You can register for an account online in less than five minutes, without any messy paperwork.”

Customers of Clearfunds only invest in direct mutual funds, saving on hidden commissions of as much as 1% a year that eat into their savings. You can choose to invest in a Clearfunds Recommended Fund, or pick any of over 3,000 schemes from 36 Fund Houses using Morningstar ratings or filters.

“In addition to our completely free recommendations, we built our premium service, Smart Portfolios, for customers who were asking us for more detailed advice to help meet their savings goals,” said Bajaj.

Clearfunds Smart Portfolios is a fully automated investment advisory service designed to make investing easier for everyone. It uses advanced computer algorithms to build, monitor and rebalance Debt and Equity mutual fund investment portfolios, suited to an investor’s stated goals, time horizon and risk tolerance.