Columbia Asia Hospital, Whitefield saves life of a 24 weeks preemie

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The extremely premature baby was saved after 95 days of struggle at the hospital

Bangalore, January 08, 2018: A “miracle” baby girl spent her first night at home after spending critical 95 days at Columbia Asia Hospital. The baby was born weighing only 585 gms which is a severe low birth weight. She was only 24 weeks 2 days, and extremely pre term. Along with it, she was also suffering from neonatal hypotension.

“We had to treat her under ventilation with various life savings support. During this period, she was not able to take her mother’s breast milk or any kind of supplement as well. The immense amount of monitoring and care that she received in the ventilator was unprecedented in my medical career. We had to give her a whole amount of TPN (total parenteral nutrition) to regain her energy for her growth and development.” said Dr. Nupur Trivedi, Chief of Medical Services, Columbia Asia Hospital, Whitefield.

A severe low weight condition resulted in complications for Revathi ( name changed ). She was kept in ventilation but developed no infection during her stay. Due to her problem where she was not able to drink breast milk, she was under orogastrictube feeding with fortifier but later was given oral feeds and after some days she was on bottle feed.

Revathi was a real fighter as each day was a struggle for her and she took everyday as it came. Gradually with time, she became tolerant to breast milk and can be fed. “Revathi is always going to be our little miracle angel,” said her mother, Savithri who is elated and grateful to the team of doctors at Columbia Asia Hospital, Whitefield.

During the time of discharge, Revathi was 2.79 kg with completely normal heart sounds, her chest was clear, along with proper posture and reflexes. It is what her doctors believe is one of the youngest patients to spend the longest at the hospital and surviving like a fighter.

Revathi is believed to lead a normal healthy life after being saved in tertiary care and by a great team of doctors from Columbia Asia Hospital.