Controversies Surrounding Dr. Ajay Taware: From Porsche Crash Case to Kidney Transplant Racket

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Pune, 27th May 2024: Dr. Ajay Taware, the head of the forensic medicine department at BJ Government Medical College, finds himself embroiled in controversy, not only concerning his involvement in the Porsche car crash case but also regarding past incidents at Maharashtra’s largest government-run hospital.

Kidney Transplant Racket: Dr. Taware’s name surfaced in a kidney transplant racket where a woman from Kolhapur was lured to Pune, and her kidney was transplanted into an unknown patient under false pretenses. The woman filed a police complaint due to financial issues, leading to an investigation. Dr. Taware, then the superintendent, was suspended following the inquiry committee’s report.

Death of a Patient Due to Rat Bite: In another case, a patient at Sassoon Hospital died, initially believed to be from a rat bite. However, the post-mortem report indicated severe spinal injuries as the cause of death. An inquiry found Dr. Taware guilty, and action was recommended against him and three other employees. Despite this, Dr. Taware was later reappointed.

Bribe Demand from Police: In the same rat bite case, it was revealed that Dr. Taware had demanded a bribe from the police to alter the post-mortem report.

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Connection with NCP (Ajit Pawar) MLA Sunil Tingre: Dr. Taware has a known association with MLA Tingre. Following Dr. Taware’s suspension in the kidney transplant case, MLA Tingre recommended his reappointment. Subsequently, Medical Education Minister Hasan Mushrif ordered Dr. Taware’s reappointment last December.

He was removed from the superintendent’s post last month.