Cooperative Samvad: Now One-Stop Solution For Housing Society Complaints In Maharashtra

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Pune, 28th August 2023: Members of cooperative housing societies can now bid farewell to the hassle of lodging complaints at various locations to address a range of issues they encounter. The Maharashtra State Housing Federation and the Cooperative Commissionerate have unveiled a novel solution: the “Sahakar Samvad” website.

Through this platform, members can submit their household grievances, which will subsequently be resolved within specific timeframes. Furthermore, the Cooperative Commissionerate will diligently monitor the tally of received complaints across departments, as well as the corresponding resolution timelines.

The state boasts an impressive count of approximately one hundred and fifteen thousand registered cooperative housing societies. Within these establishments, the cumulative membership tally reaches a remarkable fifteen lakhs. Historically, members and presidents of these societies have grappled with submitting complaints to diverse entities, including the Municipal Corporation, MSEDCL, Police, and the Cooperative Department.

It is important to note that grievances concerning police matters are not entertained within the Cooperative Commissionerate, and likewise, the Cooperative Department refrains from intervening in police-related complaints. Pertinently, complaints associated with the Municipal Corporation or MSEDCL are channeled exclusively to the respective departments. This intricate web of departments has often necessitated a taxing juggling act for the members and presidents.

For senior members and presidents, the arduous journey to distant offices, removed from their residential locales, has been a time-consuming ordeal. Notably, it is impractical for each member or chairman to rigorously monitor the progress of complaints. In response to this challenge, the Maharashtra State Housing Federation and the Cooperative Commissionerate have pioneered an independent grievance redressal portal. This innovative endeavor, christened “Sahakar Samvad,” has secured the endorsement of the Additional Secretary, Cooperative Secretary, and Cooperative Commissioner.

A key feature of the Sahakar Samvad portal is the provision of distinct logins for every registered member. Once registration is complete, a unique login is allocated, facilitating the seamless submission of complaints. The prescribed word limit for each grievance is two hundred words. Upon entering their pincode and address, members’ complaints are routed to the relevant deputy registrar based on the provided pincode. Subsequently, the complaint progresses through the hierarchy, eventually reaching the pertinent department from the Deputy Registrar level.

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To ensure a streamlined process, stipulated timeframes for redressal are established for each category of complaint. Should a complaint remain unresolved within the designated timeframe, the complainant reserves the right to escalate the matter to a higher authority. Likewise, in cases where a member remains dissatisfied with the response from the concerned department, provisions exist for elevating the grievance to a senior level.


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