Coronavirus : 68-year-old woman dies in Delhi, son had returned from Italy

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New Delhi, March 13 : Death of a 68 year old female from West Delhi (mother of a confirmed case of COVID 19),  is confirmed to be caused due to co-morbidity (diabetes and hypertension). She has also tested positive for COVID-19.

She had history of contact with a positive case (her son who had travel history to Switzerland and Italy between 5th to 22rd February, 2020). The son had returned back to India on 23.02.2020. He initially was asymptomatic, but developed fever and cough after 1 day and reported to Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital on 7th March, 2020.

As per protocol, the family was screened and since he and his mother had fever and cough, both were admitted.
She was a known case of diabetes and hypertension. Her sample was collected on 8th March, 2020. Her condition worsened on 9th March, 2020 with development of pneumonia and she was shifted to intensive care unit. Her sample also tested positive for COVID19. Since 9th March 2020 she was having respiratory fluctuations and was provided ventilator support. However, due to comorbid conditions, she died on 13th march, 2020 at RML Hospital, Delhi as confirmed by the treating Physician and Medical Superintendent.

All the precautionary measures as per protocol including screening,  quarantine of the contacts is already taken up by the Ministry of Health , Government of Delhi and status is being monitored.

As of today, there are 81 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the country. Of these, 3 from Kerala were treated and discharged. In addition, 7 more from Safdurjung have also recovered. Of these confirmed cases, 64 cases are of Indian nationals, 16 Italian nationals and 1 Canadian national. Contract tracing of these cases is being actively pursued. So far, this has led to identification of more than 4000 contacts who have been put under surveillance.

The confirmed cases also include the first casualty of COVID-19 in the country. Death of a 76-year-old man from Karnataka is confirmed to be caused due to co-morbidities i.e. Asthma and Hypertension and he also tested positive for COVID-19. All the precautionary measures as per protocol, such as screening and home quarantine of the contacts, has been initiated by the State Health Department, Karnataka and is being monitored closely.

It is reiterated that Indian nationals are strongly advised to avoid all non-essential travel abroad and to refrain from travelling to countries reporting high cases and deaths as mentioned in the travel advisory issued by the Government. All incoming international passengers returning to India should self- monitor their health and follow the required DO’s and DON’Ts as detailed by the Government.

In case of any signs/ symptoms like fever, dry cough, difficulty in breathing etc. please visit a doctor or call the Ministry’s 24X7 Helpline – 011-23978046. Remember to wear a mask before stepping out to see the doctor.