Coronavirus: 92 Out Of 100 COVID Tests Result Negative In India

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Karishma Jha

New Delhi, September 12, 2020: Around one lakh new corona cases are being found in India per day. In such a situation, every person is worried about the outbreak of this pandemic. However, instead of being afraid of Corona, we need to be careful.

According to the statistics, about one million tests are being conducted in the country every day. At the same time, in many countries, this number is not even half of India.

A test of 100 people in the country confirms infection in eight people, while 92 people test negative for Coronavirus disease (COVID19). India may rank second among the ten most affected countries in the world due to Coronavirus pandemic. But if we calculate the basis of the test, then we find that India is the best among the top 10 countries after America, Russia and Spain.

Globally, cases of corona infection have crossed the 28.8 million mark. About 90 million people have been tested in the United States, of which 66 million have confirmed Covid-19. Most cases in the world have also been reported there. This shows that more cases of corona infection occur due to increased test. Corona infection is confirmed in only seven people after testing 100 people in America. At the same time, this number is around three in Russia and six in Spain.