Coronavirus : Corporate sector should give financial assistance under CSR : Vijay Wadettiwar

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Mumbai, March 21, 2020:- The corporate sector has always come to the rescue of the state during the period of disaster. Presently, the state is passing through the outbreak of Corona virus and the corporate sector should help the government by utilizing their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) funds for erecting the isolation wards and facilities for Quarantine and by other means. This appeal was made by disaster management, relief and rehabilitation minister Mr Vijay Wadettiwar.

The minister further said that the corporate world had always assisted in the hard times and overcoming any calamity faced by the state. As of now, the state is going through hard times combating with the Corona virus outbreak. The government is also leaving no stone unturned for confronting the pandemic. People from various sectors are assisting in the fight against this calamity and the corporate sector should also assist by extending their CSR funds.

The minister said that this fund can be utilized for containing the spread of Corona virus and establishing isolation wards for keeping the patients. He said that the provision of temporary residence, food, clothing, medical assistance, expenses for gathering the samples, screening and taking the samples, contact tracing, helping in erecting additional laboratory for testing, items of utility, protecting facility for the fire fighting, police, local governing body and the employees in health service can be done by the CSR. He said that ventilators, air purification machines, thermal scanners and other equipments can be purchased by the CSR funds that are made available by the corporate houses.