Covid-19: 29.57% Of Deaths Reported Yesterday Are From Maharashtra

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New Delhi, 4 October, 2020: For the 13th day in an unbroken string, India has maintained its steady trend of clocking less than 10 lakh active cases.

The number of active cases today is 9,37,625This is 7371 cases less than yesterday.

Despite the extended weekend, India has posted high daily testing numbers over Thurday-Friday-Saturday with 10,97,947, 11,32,675 and 11,42,131 tests respectively.

There has been an exponential rise in India’s daily testing capacities. More than 15 lakhs tests can be conducted every day.

An average of 11.5 lakh tests were done on a daily basis during the past ten days.

From merely one in Janauary 2020, India’s total tests have crossed 7.89 crore so far. There has been a commensurate dip in the Positivity Rate. With progressively falling Positivity Rate, testing has worked as a highly effective tool to limit the spread of COVID-19 infection.

Very high levels of testing lead to early identification, prompt isolation & effective treatment of COVID-19 cases. These have eventually resulted in a sustained low Fatality Rate.

India’s steady trend of posting high level of daily recoveries also continues with 82,260 recoveries registered in the last 24 hours in the country. In contrast, 75,829 new cases have been reported. The new recoveries have exceeded the new cases in the recent days.

India’s total recoveries have crossed 55 lakh (55,09,966today. Higher number of single day recoveries is reflected in the continuous increase in the national recovery rate, which is at present 84.13%.

75.44% of the newly recovered cases are recorded in 10 States/UTs.

Being the leading State with highest number of active cases, Maharashtra has also contributed the highest number to the newly recovered cases followed by Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.

10 States/UTs account for 77.11% of the active cases in the country. As on date, the percent contribution of active cases to the positive caseload of the country has reduced to only 14.32%.

78% of the new cases are concentrated in ten States/UTs. Maharashtra contributed more than 14,000 to the new cases. Karnataka and Kerala reported 9886 and 7834 new cases, respectively.

Less than a 1000 deaths (940) have been registered in the last 24 hours.

80.53% of new reported fatalities are from 10 States and UTs. 29.57% of deaths reported yesterday are from Maharashtra with 278 deaths followed by Karnataka with 100 deaths. Maharashtra’s contribution to death toll has been on a decline.