CREDAI’s Annual International Convention held in Tel Aviv

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Pune, August 23, 2019: The 19th Annual International Convention, NATCON 2019 was held in Tel Aviv, Israel from August 5, 2019 to August 7, 2019. More than 200 delegates from CREDAI Maharashtra attended the Convention.

The National Convention of CREDAI, called NATCON is CREDAI’s most important event on India’s real estate sector. The event brings together all the stakeholders of real estate on one platform to exchange ideas, share best practices and discuss various issues and aspects of the sector. Over the last 15 years, the event has witnessed an attendance of about 1277 members apart from experts from the real estate sector, senior professionals from the financial world and ancillary industries. NATCON enables CREDAI members to understand emerging global trends in the real estate industry.

Addressing the experts from the Real-Estate fraternity, CREDAI President,  Satish Magar said, “CREDAI President Mr. Satish Magar said, “CREDAI NATCON is an experiential and interactive platform for its fraternity members, fellow developers and colleagues to learn the know-how of the trends and global best practices permeating the industry and the sector. The theme resilience to excellence compliments well with the present state of the Indian Real Estate industry that has merged the resilient phase, slow and disrupted but steady with a wave of upward and positive growth in the times to come.”

The theme for this year ‘Where Resilience Meets Excellence’ showcases a one of a kind growth stories that highlights how India’s real estate landscape has undergone a significant transformation, leading to long term progressive results. Resembling India’s growth story, the economy of Israel today, stands as an optimal testimony of resilience in the business economy. Building on the future prospects and current efforts, the newest edition of CREDAI NATCON, powered by CBRE aims to build a case example for the industry stalwarts to learn how Israel has reinvented its legacy and fortified its roots for bigger and better outcomes.

Key dignitaries such as Mr Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister Israel (spoke through Live Video), Dr. YifatShasha-Biton, Honourable Minister of Construction & Housing of Israel and Member of Knesset, Mr. Ron Huldai, Mayor of Tel Aviv and Mr. Avraham Albert Benabou Former Israeli Diplomat and First Israeli to the Peace Keeping Forces of the United Nations graced the event with their presence.

Satish Magar added, “India continues to remain a high-priority market for its long term growth potential as is evident from the increased investment flows in the last few years. Government’s 5 trillion-dollar mission & vision of a ‘New India’ imply that top industries contributing to our economy like Real estate need to usher in transformative measures which can help shape these goals. This report is a milestone in this direction as it not only determines the trends which need to be leveraged but also presents an analytical view on the next decade where we can achieve even more if we work towards developing a new workplace strategy, integrated transport systems, expand affordable housing and a renewed focus on application of sustainability in everyday life.”

The programs held are as follows-


Session 1- Topic: People, Property, Prop Tech 2025- Who wins- who loses and why
By Anthony Slumbers

Consequences of technological advances on Real estate, we are moving towards ‘AI First World’ i.e a change in the way of living. Key to success will be the mindset about the future matters.

Session 2- Topic: Internal Stake holders: Instilling Ownership and Building Loyalty
By Dr. Maya Imberman

With the level of competition in the present business-world, constant focus on employees adds value at every stage. Practises that define an ideal workplace environment from both- business and employee success standpoint, with an employee focussed culture.

Session 3- Topic: Building the New- Age Leaders (Youth Session)
By Ziv Aviram

Leadership goes hand-in-hand with innovation, ability to think out of box and provide better solutions.

Session 4- Topic: Israeli approach to Building Real estate

By Chaim Katzman, Alfred Akirov, Gideon Avrahami, Moderator- G Anand Reddy

Israel is known for its innovation, adaptability, technology which is collectively moulding the real estate industry. Various solutions like, reducing carbon footprint and other tools of user friendly mix to make sector ‘Smart.’

Session 5- Topic: Good is the new Cool
By Afdel Aziz

Inspiring motivational talk, showed how business can be a force of good. Creating a revolution in the business by ‘doing well by doing good’, helping businesses to be future proof for Millennial and Gen Z generation.

Session 6- Topic:  Distressed Assets: A win-win for all stakeholders
By Nikhil Shah, Boman Irani, Praveen Gupta, Getamber Anand

Distresses Asset investments are attractive due to their ‘buy low- sell high’ potential and ‘low correlation’ to other asset classes. Buying good underlying assets with a potential for a turnaround at good valuations is the focus in different stages of a project’s life cycle.

Session 7- Topic: The virtue of Resilience
By Meir Elran

Motivational session focusing on the art of managing multiple hostile scenarios which makes one stronger and confident.


Session 1- Topic: Spiritual Session: The Spirit of Tikkun Olum
By Penina Taylor

In Judaism- the concept of Tikkun Olum which bears the responsibility to heal, repair and transform the world. Majority discussions pertaining to social issues and policy.

Session 2- Topic: Customer Centricity: The Developer Approach for operationally ready buildings
By Esther An

With the increasing client needs, the promised value adding amenities are well in place and their delivery has become a sacrosanct practise with the onset of RERA; with this, developers can build a brand as an ‘end to end’ service deliverer.

Session 3- Topic: Getting Sustainable: Hortitecture
By Stefano Boeri

Improving the quality of life for both people and buildings i.e. improving sustainability is the focus in real estate industry. Horticulture introduced in verticality of buildings which brings a massive impact on the micro climate of the building having major impact on employee productivity.

Session 4- Topic:  Millennial Behaviour
By Dr. Henry Chin

Millennials making up half of the global work force, their decisions have consequences on the global economy and real estate.

Session 5- Topic: Beyond Real estate
By Michael Mirilashvili, Eytan Schwartz and Sharon Landes-Fischer

Unmatchable excellence of Israel’s economy being a start up nation, excelling in technology providing new age logistics, having precision agriculture formats and much more. Stalwarts from Israel present case study on pathbreaking solutions.

Hosted by- CREDAI Telangana and CREDAI Andhra Pradesh Under Chairman- Mr. Siva Reddy.