Dada J.P. Vaswani’s books enthrall visitors at Frankfurt Book Fair 2016

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The humble ‘Gita Publishing House’ exhibited this year yet again a successful show and thus another milestone surpassed with flying colors at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2016 in Germany, held last fortnight.

At the Fair this year, Gita Publishing displayed an array of valuable book titles and met with Publishers, authors, readers and news journals as is visible in the pictures. The efforts of the MD, Ms. Gulshan Dudani have perched Gita Publishing House high in regard in the Publishing community and minds of the global readers.

It has always been the one main objective of the Publishing house to spread the enlightening messages of the author Rev. Dada J. P. Vaswani, beyond geographic borders. At a grand age of 98, Dada (as he is lovingly called by his devout followers) has to his credit over 160 book titles, each and everyone of which conveys a deep and pure message for the readers alike. His books are captivating not only for their insightful content but also for the mere simplicity of language and words which stir up the reader’s heart and soul. There are books for every age and every phase of life. By exhibiting at the fairs worldwide, Gita Publishing house aims at targeting international Publishing houses who are keen on acquiring the rights to Dada’s books and publishing them for a Global audience and they have been attaining commendable results in this selfless endeavor.

Numerous titles have already been translated and published in 18 foreign and Indian languages and the interest still keeps pouring in from more foreign language publishers. Not only has Gita Publishing House been able to spread the word far and wide but it has also gained appreciation for being able to help the readers gain a positive perspective to handling difficult circumstances, even simpler situations and towards life itself.