Dada Vaswani Inaugurates Little Lamps Nursery in London

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The daylight in London, on the 22nd of September, 2017, witnessed the historical moment of the expansion of the Sadhu Vaswani Schools outside India.

Named as ‘Little Lamp Nursery’, it has opened in the London Borough of Barnet.

In his centenary, Rev. Dada Vaswani, who is currently touring the West, to pass on the message of his Master, has after a series of talks in the United States, reached the United Kingdom to further the cause of education.

With his vision and outlook to cultivate the right kind of education- one that educates the head; the heart and the mind, and also the thought that ‘Education is not about filling the bucket, but about lighting a lamp, Dada Vaswani, has all along ensured to establish schools and colleges that advance this belief.

22nd of September, was one such day that marked the further unfurling of the idea. Amidst the soothing chant of ‘asatoma satgamaya…,’ and the invoking of the divine, Rev. Dada Vaswani inaugurated the Little Lamp Nursery in London. Taking a guided tour of the school, Dada Vaswani was seen amazed at the state-of-the-art facilities that the school has been equipped with, including creative areas. In an impromptu moment, he wrote on the TV play-screen – ‘God Is Love, Love Ye One Another’.

Following this was a brief address by Cllr Brian Salinger- the Mayor of Barnet, Mr. Deepu Mirpuri- Chairperson of the Nursery, and Mr. Dasi Budhrani- Chairperson of Sadhu Vaswani Center, UK.

And it was time for the much-awaited talk by Dada Vaswani. Talking about the school project that took just 17 months to complete, the principles of achievement are – Think, Believe, Dream and Dare! And he then spoke on the need for the right type of education in schools – an education that inculcates – Human Values! It was a truly inspirational talk that awoke something deep within all present.

Concluding, Dada Vaswani sought the blessings of all, for the newly inaugurated school so that it may grow and achieve the goal of righteous education.

Said, Bhagwan Menghani from Pune, “History is created with dear Dada at 99, in U.K. for such a great cause.”

The school is an offering by Sadhu Vaswani Center UK for Dada’s Centenary year.

All in all it was a historical day in the chronicle of events of the Sadhu Vaswani Mission. Mission has 15 schools and colleges across India with over 16000 students. The London school is the first school outside India by mission.