Data can give competitive advantage to companies – Big Data Experts

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While telecom industry is going through tough times, Big Data will have a big impact and will give competitive advantage to companies according to experts. MIT School of Telecom Management (MITSOT) as a part of its World Telecommunication Day program had organised a special Conference focusing on “Big Data for Big Impact” at MIT- WPU premises at Kothrud, Pune,

Mohan Sathe, VP – Operations, Global Sourcing Group, Dr. Sunil Patil, MD, Indus Valley Technologies, Prashant Pansare, MD, Inteliment Technologies and Dr Milind Pande, Project Director, MITSOT were present at the Inaugural session.

The annual MITSOT Telecom Awards were also given away on the occasion to leading organizations who have performed exceedingly well in their respective sectors like Telecom, ICT etc.

A panel discussion on “Big Data for Big Impact” was held on the occasion. Vinay Gupta, Head – Data Analytics & Business Excellence, Suzlon Group moderated the session while experts including Bhupesh Gahrotra, Vice President – Technology, Accenture Solutions, Kishor Himane, Director – Global Services, PTC India, Sanjay Patwardhan, Head – BI and Data Analytics COE, Cybage Software and Prasad Deore, Regional Head, NASSCOM participated in the discussion.

Mohan Sathe said that while telecom industry was witnessing turbulent times, this challenge should be taken as an opportunity . All the big enterprises today require big data to get more clarity on their operations and therefore students of Telecom should also look at other enterprises for career opportunities other than just Telecom companies .

Dr Sunil Patil said that change in the business dynamics is driving the overall change. Dynamics have shifted to demand side and telecom companies need to be consumer centric. Revenue generation today has to come from data as voice is free. Also companies need big data for optimizing internal operations and reducing costs. Also Digitisation in companies is bringing about a big digital transformation. However all said and done, ultimately data should help solve challenges and issues we face everyday.

Prashant Pansare said that Telecom today is labelled as Data Centric Business. There is a lot of raw data available but it needs to be analyzed in the right manner for it to give the competitive advantage.

Dr Milind Pande welcomed the Industry delegates while Dr. Jaideep Jadhav, Head – Examinations, MITSOT presented the vote of thanks.