Datamail – announced free unlimited space on its application

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Pune, 21 November, 2018 : Datamail, the World’s first linguistic email service provider, has announced free unlimited space on its application. It is the only App in the world that offers unlimited space. Datamail email service has been developed by Data Xgen Technologies.

Dr Ajay Data, Founder and CEO, Data XGen Technologies said, “Emails have a very significant role in personal or business communication. It contains critical data, which are very much needed for the long period and continuity. But sometimes the functioning gets hampered due to lack of space or if the mailbox is full due to limited storage. In such scenarios, the users have to either delete some emails or create separate backups to avoid losing emails and data”.


This problem was recognized by Datamail and they have introduced unlimited space on their application for their users. This unlimited storage facility in Datamail allows users to increase the space quota at their own will and as much as they want. There is a gift box in the top corner within the app. The users will have to click that and they will be asked to follow a particular action mentioned in the gift. Once they complete the action, 1mb of space gets added to their email account. The users can repeat this as many times as they want. This will help in avoiding problems faced by users like email bounce backs due to lack of space and they can freely communicate through their emails.


For students and professional, this becomes very good email account as they will have total control over their email account and increase space of their account from the DataMail App whenever they want. This not only stops the wasted storage resource but better plan of resource utilization for company and users. In today’s scenario users get allocated space and it gets wasted because of no utilization whereas some people need more space and struggling for the space. DataMail solves the problem as it has no pre-set upper limit of the storage quote you can have.


Made in India, ‘DataMail’, the world’s first linguistic email service supporting IDN’s in several Indian and foreign languages. It can be downloaded from any android or IOS system for free. Currently, in India, linguistic email service is being offered in fifteen regional languages including Hindi, Gujarati, Urdu, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, and Marathi.


About Data XGen Technologies Pvt Ltd


Founded in 2010, Data XGen technologies Pvt Ltd has emerged as global innovator in providing linguistic email service to the world. They developed Datamail, their linguistic email service which started in 2016. The company offers its solutions for organizations from small businesses and enterprise to data centres and hosting companies, as well as ISPs, BPOs, colleges and schools, and governments. Its clients include governments, banks, national/state security agencies, manufacturing companies, insurance and advertising agencies, agricultural and architectural firms, law and accounting firms, and others. The home grown company is breaking several barriers including linguistic on internet and is based in Jaipur (Rajasthan). The global innovation, impacting millions of people, is result of years of determination and hard work of its Founder and Chief Executive Officer Dr Ajay Data who is Managing Director of Data Group of Industries.


Dr Ajay Data leads team Data XGen with his innovative work style. He is one of the most sought after leaders for mentoring, technology guidance and motivating entrepreneurs. He has won several prestigious awards for his excellent contribution in the field of technology and supporting other entrepreneurs. He pursued his MBA in Computer Sciences from Newport University, USA and PhD in Electronic Data Processing from Netherlands.

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