Declare income to avoid problems – Pune income tax dept

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By Husein K Chunawala

Pune, 28th June: The Pune Income tax department has launched a massive campaign to reach people to make them declare their undisclosed assets to avoid penal provisions.

The government has come up with a scheme “Income Tax Declaration Scheme“, it is the opportunity for those who have not paid their taxes in the earlier years, they can come forward and pay the taxes and penalty as described in the Income Tax Declaration Scheme and take benefits of the scheme.

The Prime Minister informed about this scheme on radio programme, Mann ki Baat aired on Sunday, 26th June, 2016, to spread awareness about the benefits of the scheme and to avoid the problems that will follow after the window of opportunity closes on 30th September, 2016.  He also said no questions would be asked about the source of the undisclosed income or assets if the declaration is made voluntarily, the government has provided a special chance to declare it by September 30, 2016.

The Commissioner of Income Tax Department, Pune, D S Benupani said the Income Tax department collects the revenue for government of India, without the revenue the state cannot exist. Therefore IT Department plays a very important role for the nation building of this country.

He said, “IT Department has collected almost Rs 36,000cr, out of this amount 30% comes to the state and whatever tax is collected are used by the state government through for various schemes, projects, highways, roads, power plants and many more”.

Benupani further explained, “IT Department is not going to do raids. They will approach the citizens and everybody should participate in the nation building. We have collected information from 15 sources including major high value land transactions, purchase of assets, credit card detail and many more”.

(Husein K Chunawala is a student of Indira School of Communication)