Defamation Pursuit: Anjali Arora Plans Legal Action Against YouTubers and Publishers

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Mumbai, 15th January 2024: Anjali Arora, renowned as the ‘Raw Almond Girl’ and a prominent social media influencer, is no stranger to constant criticism on various issues. However, the year 2022 proved particularly challenging for her when she faced intense trolling in the aftermath of an MMS video leak controversy.

The controversy unfolded after the airing of Kangana Ranaut’s reality show, ‘Lock Up Season 1,’ when Anjali Arora’s MMS video was leaked, triggering widespread discussion and criticism. The influencer faced vehement trolling, prompting her to issue a statement asserting her non-involvement in the video and alleging tampering.

In a recent development, Anjali Arora has taken decisive action against the MMS leak case by filing a First Information Report (FIR), as reported by Instant Bollywood. The police are currently investigating the matter in response to her official complaint.

Beyond the FIR, Anjali Arora intends to escalate her legal pursuit by filing a defamation case against individuals, including YouTubers and publishing houses, who have maligned her on social media. The Instagram page associated with the influencer has shared a copy of the FIR online, emphasizing her commitment to seeking justice.

The influencer’s decision to take legal action more than a year after the incident has sparked skepticism among some social media users. Critics question the timing of the move, with one user suggesting a potential association with seeking publicity and entry into Bigg Boss 18.

As the legal proceedings unfold, Anjali Arora’s response to the MMS leak controversy continues to be a subject of public interest and speculation, with both supporters and critics closely monitoring the developments.