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Delhi –

The staff of PSGovindpuri, South-East District has arrested a notorious thief namely Salim,25 years R/O Tughlakabad Extn., and recovered 06 stolen vehicle batteriesfrom the possession of the accused. Further, 29 cases of battery/water metertheft and petty theft have been solved.

Team & Operation

In order tocurb the incidents of theft, burglary, robbery and snatching in the area teamled by SHO/Insp. Kuldeep Singh under the supervision of Sh. Anant Mittal,ACP/Kalkaji intensified the pickets and patrolling at vulnerable stretches inthe area.  The police staff has been directedto keep constant watch on the movements of persons with criminal background. Information network has been activated for any information on the criminals.

On 20.11.2018 during patrolling, the team of PS Govindpuri consisting of SI Devender Singh,HC Ramesh Babu and Ct. Nahar Singh gathered information about a thief and thesaid information was further developed. At around 07pm, police team reachednear Gali No. 09, Tughlakabad Extn. and laid a trap. Police team noticed a personcarrying a plastic bag containing having some heavy articles inside it. Onseeing the police party, suspect tried to run away. However, the alert andvigil staff nabbed the suspect, who was identified as Salim, 25 yearsR/O Tughlakabad Extn. On search of the bag, 01 black colour vehicle battery wasfound inside it.

On enquiryabout the battery, Salim kept on giving one excuse or the other but could notgive any satisfactory reply.  On sustained interrogation, he broke downand admitted that he had stolen the battery from a Gramin Sewa Auto parked at RaviDass Marg, Tughlakabad Extn. Accordingly, a case vide FIR No. 396/2018, u/s 379IPC, PS Govindpuri was registered and accused was arrested.


During interrogation accusedSalim disclosed that he was born and brought up at Tughlakabad. He is a schooldrop-out and has studied till class 10th. In the early age hestarted working as unskilled labour. But in order to earn quick money he gotinvolved in criminal activities. He has previously been arrested thrice in thecases of burglary, robbery and snatching. Accused Salim was released from jailin 2016 and on his return he again got indulged in petty thefts. On theinstance of accused 03 more stolen vehicle batteries and 02 stolen water meterswere also recovered.

Modus Operandi

Accused Salim used to work as toy/balloonvendor during day time. He used to roam in various streets of Govindpuri,Kalkaji and Tughlakabad on the pretext of selling toys & balloons butrather than selling toys he used to conduct recee in the streets. In the nighthours he used to target cars, motorcycles & autos for stealing battery aswell as water meters affixed outside the residences. Accused used to sell thesebatteries and water meters to junk-dealers.


  • 03 cases of Robbery, Burglaryand Snatching


  • 04 vehicle batteries
  • 02 water meters

Profileof Accused

AccusedSalim, 25 yearsr/o Tughlakabad Extn. is a school drop-out had studied upto class 10th.Heused to sell toys and balloons during daytime and steal car batteriesand water meters during night.  Furtherinvestigation of the case is in progress.