Discontinuation of pasting of reservation charts on train coaches

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Pasting of reservation charts on reserved coaches of trains at all A1, A and B category stations was discontinued as a pilot project for six months starting from 1.3.2018 by Ministry of Railways.

Based on the feedback received by Railway Board from Zonal Railways, this matter has been reviewed and it is decided that pasting of reservation charts on the reserved coaches of the trains at all the stations will be discontinued with effect from 1.9.2018.

However, physical/digital charts will continue to be displayed at the platforms of the train. At those locations where electronic chart display has been installed and the same are functioning properly, display of physical reservation charts at such platforms/locations will be stopped, making this process totally paperless.

However, these platforms/locations will be monitored by constant vigil to ensure that such electronic charts display are functioning properly and action will be taken to display physical charts at such platforms in case of non-functioning of electronic chart display.