Diwali Gift Of Rs 5,000 To ST Employees

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Mumbai, 19th October 2022: Officials and employees of ST Corporation will get a Diwali gift of Rs 5,000 this year. For this, the state government has decided to give a fund of Rs. 45 crores to the ST Corporation. Earlier, every year, ST employees were gifted Rs 2,500 and officers Rs 5,000 on Diwali. Meanwhile, ST employees will also get six percent Dearness Allowance, and this process is also in the final stage.


Meanwhile, Maharashtra ST Workers Union President Sandeep Shinde said that the state government approved the payment of the salaries of its employees for October on 21st October. According to this, ST Corporation has also requested to order the employees of ST Corporation to pay their salaries for October before Diwali.


Meanwhile, the general secretary of Maharashtra ST Karmachari Congress Srirang Barge has also criticized that the amount of 45 crores given as a Diwali gift by the government is like wiping the face of the employees. He said that inflation has increased, and there is a demand that the salaries of the state government employees for October will be paid before Diwali. Similarly, the salaries of ST employees and dearness allowance should also be given before Diwali.


ST officials and employees will be given a Diwali gift of Rs 5,000, which will be deposited in their accounts from Wednesday. However, like government employees, ST employees also have no idea about receiving their October salary on the 21st of October, said Shekhar Channe, Managing Director of ST Corporation. ST employees are paid on the 7th of every month.