Dr Ajay Soni appointed President of ACBM 

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Pune 2 AUG 2019 : The Installation  ceremony of new management committee of Association of Clinical Biochemists and Microbiologists (ACBM), India which is a national body of healthcare professionals in diagnostic subjects was held in Pune recently . The members of this association who are MSc, PhDs in the nonclinical subjects of Biochemistry, Microbiology, Genetics, Molecular Biology; held their AGM and a national election.

The members elected a new body of Management Committee members with a 5year tenure.  Dr. Ajay Soni, who hails from Nagpur was appointed as the President

Others who are in the team include  Dr.Harsh Vardhan Singh from Delhi, Dr.Rishabh Rajput from Haryana and Prof.Girish Sharanathe from Maharashtra, who have been elected to the posts of Vice President in ACBM.

Dr. Siva Adarsh from Karnataka has been elected to the post of Secretary along with Dr. Sandip Ghosh from West Bengal as its Jt. Secretary. Prof Pramod Bhore from Maharashtra and Prof Kshama Hiremath from Karnataka have taken the responsibilities of Treasurer and Jt. Treasurer respectively. Prof Mayur Morbia from Gujarat, Dr.MohdRashiduddin from AP and Telangana and Dr.Alpa J. Dherai from Maharashtraprovides the representations from its prominent memberpopulation states in India;thus following the true federal system of conducting association business in ACBM.

The President of the West Bengal chapter of ACBM, Dr.Shamali Pal, has congratulated the new ACBM Central Team and is pleased to have a member from her chapter in the central team as Jt. Secretary.

A consortium of similar association has also tied up with ACBM, like the ACMB (Association of Clinical Microbiologists and Biochemists) from Kerala, whose Executive office bearers; the President (Prof. ShameerKM) and Secretary (Prof. Sajith Chandran) are the associate members of the ACBM Central team.

This association has been doing a remarkable job in the arena of encouraging research and academic activities; besides they strive for the professional development of its members who are spread across India and even abroad. The qualifications of members of this association is the same that has given our nation the First and only Nobel prize in Medicine and Physiology in the year 1968 and has made us all Indians very proud.

In the AGM, the incumbent President Prof and HOD of KEM and Dinanath Mangeshkar Medical Institute Pune, Dr.Sadanand Naik delivered his Lecture on some interesting scientific discoveries which has significantly changed the life of humans.

While the Installed President Dr.Ajay Soni spoke about the plans formulated by the installed Management Committee for the progress of the association activities with special healthcare services programs for the benefit of general public at large.

The vote of thanks was proposed by Dr.Siva Adarsh, Secretary ACBM while specifically thanking the significant contribution of Dr.Arun Patil, who had outlined how the members of our ACBM who are such reputed medical college professors, heads of most of scientific and diagnostics Institutes of the country and as Accreditation Officers of NABL and CAP have significantly succeeded in healthcare sector of the country. Dr.Siva also thanked the senior professor and Election Officer Dr.Somayajulu GL for his smooth conduct of the election. The secretary then thanked the senior members of ACBM -Dr.Nilima Verma, Dr.Arun Raizada, Dr.Kanagaabapathy, Dr.Venkatesh T, Dr.P.D.Sawant, Dr.Ashavaid Tester, Dr.Sucheta Dandekar, Dr.Mrinalini Patwardhan, and also the members of the old Management Committee members Dr. Shirin Telang, Dr.Neela Vaidya, Prof. Sujata Bhonde and Prof. Girish Sharanathe for their continued support and guidance.

Dr Ajay Soni  has a vast experience of 27 years in the field of diagnostic sciences and is an avid researcher with many national and international research publications. He has guided PhD student and his focus of research work is in the area of diabetes, Glucose estimation systems and quality control implementation in Indian labs.

Heis an entrepreneurwith his own diagnostic centre ‘Soni Clinical Laboratory’, which follows stringent quality control norms and has attained 25th rank nationally under EQAS program. He has been the National Coordinator of ACBM and represented at many National Council meeting of Central Government’s Clinical Establishment Council and with Quality Council of India’s – NABL.