‘Dunki’ Surpasses Rs 100 Crore Globally in Early Days

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23rd December 2023: The highly anticipated film ‘Dunki,’ featuring the iconic Shahrukh Khan, recently hit theaters, garnering attention for its impressive collections in the initial days of release. Beyond the Indian box office, the movie has demonstrated robust performance on the global stage, showcasing its widespread appeal.

Released worldwide on December 21, ‘Dunki’ has resonated with audiences not just in India but also garnered appreciation abroad. The latest figures of its global earnings, disclosed by Red Chillies Entertainment on social media, reveal that the film has crossed the Rs 100 crore mark within the first two days of release, accumulating a total worldwide business of 103.4 crores. The emotional and comedic drama, with its compelling storyline, has struck a chord with audiences, eliciting heartfelt reactions.

Despite its impressive collection, ‘Dunki’ has received mixed reviews, presenting a 50-50 scenario in terms of critical acclaim. The film, though not reaching the anticipated commercial success in its initial two days, stands at a crucial juncture awaiting the weekend response. The film’s commercial trajectory is closely tied to Shahrukh Khan’s star power, and the upcoming weekend is expected to play a pivotal role in shaping its box office fate.

While the film may not have soared to extraordinary heights in its opening days, the focus now shifts to the weekend, with expectations of a significant surge in ‘Dunki’s’ earnings on Saturday and Sunday. The film’s potential for success commercially is underlined by the hope for an upturn in its performance, with the possibility of crossing the Rs 200 crore mark globally within just four days of release.

Interestingly, discussions around ‘Dunki’s’ commercial performance also include the impact of the release of Prabhas’ ‘Salaar.’ The presence of another major film in the cinematic landscape adds an additional layer of competition, influencing the overall reception and earnings of Shahrukh Khan’s latest venture.