Earthquake Strikes Jammu Kashmir Again, Residents Fearful

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Pune, 6 April, 2024: Residents of Jammu and Kashmir experienced yet another unsettling tremor, the third within a span of 48 hours. The National Seismological Centre reported a 3.8 magnitude quake striking Kishtwar at 02:53 PM on Saturday. This event followed prior quakes in Kishtwar and Doda. The repeated occurrences have instilled a sense of alarm among residents. They harbor concerns about potential destruction and casualties from these seismic disturbances.

Two quakes struck Kishtwar within one day, compelling residents to vacate their homes. The initial tremor, measuring 3.2 on the Richter scale, occurred Friday afternoon. However, the subsequent trembling exhibited an increased intensity of 0.8. Locals confront anxiety and discomfort due to recurring seismic activity, leading to a tense atmosphere.

Authorities are closely monitoring the circumstances, advising citizens to practice vigilance and undertake essential precautionary measures. No casualties have been reported thus far, but repeated earthquakes have amplified public unease. Emergency response teams are prepared to provide assistance if required.

Speaking about the recent seismic activity, a resident of Kishtwar expressed, “The frequent earthquakes have left us on edge. We fear for our safety and the stability of our homes.” Another resident added, “The constant shaking has disrupted our daily lives, with many of us opting to sleep outdoors to avoid potential dangers.”

Expe­rts stress preparedness and resilience during natural disasters. Seismic activity risk means following safety rules; building codes protect residents. These regions are prone to tremors, so precautions are vital for well-being.